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Hi guys! I really don't have the time for DA anymore. I feel like its not really the same as it used to be.
I tried there awhile back to get back into it but I just find it a lot of hard work.
The groups I am completely turned off. I have submitted to so many and have been declined. Pretty much being told my work isn't good enough. If I submit to other groups, they are groups that accept everything so if anyone is watching my work gets lost. I have no problem, really no problem with getting the right kind of critique on how to make my work better but with groups you are never told what the problem is. And in a lot of cases (I'm trying not to sound big headed) my work is a lot better than ones that have been submitted. I also see people commenting in some groups asking why their photos were declined and getting responses about this and that being wrong, and with most of them yes I can see what they mean, their work mightn't be the best but with others its ridiculous, I've seen amazing work from people being declined. And these groups aren't even very professional groups! Nah do not like. I think my work isn't the best already and I don't need to be put off it even more. I do photography because I enjoy it and want to learn and share what I've taken with everyone.

How am I suppose to get my work out there? But most importantly I want to enjoy taking photos and spend more time at it and I find updating my Blog (which is updated all the time now so go follow! You can even subscribe by email and get my blog updates that way.), Flickr and my Facebook page to be a lot easier and I also don't have to upload photos one at a time. I'm trying to get everyone to like my Facebook page because that is always updated now (liked my blog) and you can talk to me, let me know what you think, etc. Just like here. I should also mention that my personal Facebook account is for friends and people I know and is personal. I actually pretty much post everything I do on my personal Facebook on my twitter and instagram. My personal Facebook is more family based and if I added everyone it would be very messy haha! That is why pages are so great. You can keep up with my photos and talk to me now and then.

So basically what I'm trying to say is I'm not very active here anymore. And I don't want to miss out on you guys so please follow me on any of the sites I've mentioned, I really want to keep in touch with friends I made here. I might sometimes upload something here but not very often and not everything I shoot. It is sad because I loved being on DA once and spending all my time there but now it's just not what I'm looking for right now.

Do you have a blog or Facebook page? Let me know so I can follow your work elsewhere too!

Blog (email updates)
Facebook Page
Tumblr (I post movie/tv/etc things not my photos)
Sempre Sorres (my beauty/lifestyle blog I run with my sister
Google+ (I am not used to this at all but might get more active so feel free to follow!)
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My friend Ganox has set up a new DA account called MemoryShot to upload his photos for prints :aww:

He has some wonderful shots so please be sure to check him out and give some favs, comments, a watch and maybe you might like some of his work enough to purchase :love:

My favourite shots from him:

Dublin Convention Centre | On the Rivers Bank | Bus Stop and Go | Capturing the Heat

He has even more great shots and I'm sure more will be added soon :D

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Hello! I feel like I've been away from DA for years and actually I think I have :P For some reason DA hasn't been loading for me at all especially over the last year or so. And on top of that my internet isn't the greatest. So its very hard to be uploading and looking at other peoples uploads when sometimes it will load and other times I'd be waiting 20 mins for a photo to show itself. DA needs to get onto fixing that problem. I did read that if you disable or remove your DA extensions and add ons that might help. I've done it so we'll see if it makes much difference.

I'm sorry to those that watch my page and are still around! Thanks so much for still being here and faving my work :) I will try and see if there is some way of fixing this not loading bug and maybe get posting again but I thought I'd let everyone know I'm uploading to Facebook here so please please go like and say hello! Oh and also Flickr I keep updated as well. I'd love to hear from you guys. How are you all keeping?

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